Coventry Pines Golf Course

Welcome to our Indoor Golf Simulator

Play any of the 92 available courses. OR Practice at the virtual driving range.

Whether you play on a course or at the driving range you will get instant feedback on your swing. Club speed, club face orientation, swing path, club face impact point, ball speed, distance, trajectory and more. Unlike other simulators, the P3 Pro Swing system tracks the movement of your club, not the ball. This provides a more accurate analysis of your swing than those systems that track the ball and then calculate what the club probably did. Our system even lets you watch your swing in slow motion (if desired).

Rates: $20/person for 9 Holes, $30 for 18 Holes.

Driving Range: $20/half hour, one person, unlimited balls (they don't go far)

Full swing analysis on every shot!

How it works: Use of the simulator is by tee time only. Text us at (401) 397-9482, let us know when you would like to play, how many holes and how many golfers. We will get back to you with what is available.

Time: We can't have people slowing down play in the virtual world either, so there are time limits. When booking your group the following time limits will be used:

  9 Holes 18 Holes
1 Golfer 40min 1hr
2 Golfers 1 hr 2 hr
3 Golfers 1.5 hr 3 hr
4 Golfers 2 hr 4 hr

First Time Use!

Read this, it will make everything easier for everyone.
Our simulator is a highly customizable device. It will automatically select your next club based on how far you typically hit your clubs. You can even set the face angle for each club (useful for those who carry multiple wedges). Also, by telling the simulator what clubs you carry, it will never suggest a club you don't have in your bag. On the next page is a form. Please print, fill out and return before your first visit. We will have you set up in the system when you arrive. This only needs to be done once, and we can always tweak your settings later if you wish.


A word about kids

While a lot of fun, the simulator isn't a toy. Children under twelve or with little golf experience may have a difficult time using the simulator. In order for the computer to register your swing, the club must pass over a series of sensors. For adults with full size clubs this is not an issue, but for kids it can be difficult. Children's compact and undeveloped swing paths together with shorter clubs can prevent the system from "seeing" their swing. Children who have taken lessons or have played several rounds should not have a problem. If you are looking for your child to learn the game, we strongly recommend you contact David McBride (215-0776) at the R.I. Children's Course (former Washington Village) off Station Street in Coventry. Also, we have Wii golf available on the big 10'x10' screen. Wii golf is a great way for a child to develop a smooth, consistent swing. Call us, we'll be happy to help.