Coventry Pines Golf Course

Welcome to the Friday Night, for Fun and Money League!

Coventry Pines brings you a new way to love the game of golf.  Every Friday golfers in this league will play for a minimum $100 cash prize.  And the best part ... ANYONE can WIN!  How does it work?

After playing your round, a somewhat random group of golfers will be selected to compete for the prize.  For example:

  • Maybe it will be everyone whose final round score ends in "3"
  • Maybe it will be the two highest and 3 lowest scorers
  • Maybe it will be the 5 worst scores from the 8th hole.   

It will be different every week.  Sometimes you might know in advance, sometimes you won't.

That group will then compete for the prize.  The competitions will always be short and involve a degree of skill and luck.  For example:

  • Maybe a closest to the pin shot (possibly blindfolded)
  • Maybe an opposite handed long drive contest
  • Perhaps a putting competition. 

This too will be different every week.

A slight catch.  Some weeks the league will be playing "against the house".  Someone from the course will be competing against all of you for the prize.  That person will know how the random group will be chosen and will know what game will be played to win the money.  Think of them like a mole or spy.  But. . .  you will always know if you are playing against the course and who is playing on behalf of the course.  If the course wins, half the prize money will be donated to a Coventry High School sports team and the other half will carry over to the next week.  

The more people who play, the more opportunity for multiple prizes per week.  Also, if the turn out is high enough the course will sponsor an end of year $100,000.00 hole in one shot, or something similar. 

The Details:

Cost = $25 for 9 holes and cart ($5 goes toward the prize)

League Fee = $20 paid up front which will be used toward a mid year and end of year cookout.

You Must Sign Up. The league is limited to 60 people.  There is no requirement that you play every week, but you must be signed up to play for the cash.  To sign up, send an email to with name, and phone number (preferably cell phone so we can text you).  We will use your email and phone number to let you know if the league has to cancel due to weather, and to announce each week's winner.

You will compete for the prize the week AFTER you play.  In other words, you will play Week 1, and, if selected to compete for the money the first thing you will do in Week 2 is play for the dough, then play your regular round.  We are setting it up this way so that not everyone has to tee off at the same time and so that it's o.k. if people can't stay until the last group finishes.  We know people are busy and want to accommodate that as much as possible.

That's everything.  Any questions, send them to us at